What is Monero Currency? It is a less popular currency than Bitcoin and Ethereum but it was implemented with many privacy issues to make it safe from the security attacks and also to make it untraceable.

Many people have been buying this currency due to the fact that it has a lot of privacy and now many websites provide you with an opportunity to trade with Monero coins. In this post we are going to see the websites which supports Monero Coins.

Let’s have a look at some websites featuring Monero games as well as Monero Casino

  1. SafeDice – It is a relatively old website and has been modified to include the currency of Monero and provide players to signing up and choosing their favourite currency and then start playing casino games at a really less rate of commission which is only 0.1% and can go up to 10%. The major thing is you don’t need to use any PN to access these websites and it can be done simply because they have no ip addresses of any country blocked. They support android, iOS and window devices. They do not offer any promotions which is a major drawback.
  2. LuckyGames – io is a really popular and trustable website and accepts Monero and other cryptocurrencies. They have a wider variety of games to play. They have a really safe environment and no cheating on the platform which can be verified easily. They provide you with a lot of promotions but they do not have any application due to which users have a lot of problems. But they support all devices and can be opened on browsers of your phones.
  3. Casino of FortuneJack – FortuneJack is the best platform available today on the internet to gamble your Moneros and get better returns. They not only have the best game i.e. casino games which is favoured by users but also provides security so no-one can see while you are betting. They do not have restrictions to any country but the local laws of countries are obeyed. They have a really good support feature with 24*7 contact via live chat and an email is available too to send all your queries. This becomes their drawback too because people sometimes contact them on live chat for no reason or if they lose the money but this website has been able to maintain its authority for many years.

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