What is currency of Litecoin? Litecoin is a really famous crypto-currency like bitcoin but it is different from bitcoin in way that it is decentralized without any central service but is determined by the number of users. There is also a finite supply of these coins and only 84 million coins are there. You have to register on some famous online wallet and then you can receive and pay these coins.

How can the Litecoins be gambled across?

There are lots of games present on platforms which support litecoins and so this provides you with an higher chance of winning but you might lose too. It is risky but a good way to earn and you can earn hefty amounts too.

Let’s see some websites category-wise; which websites are best to trade?

First let’s consider the 6 websites which are considered all-rounder in gambling of Litecoins:

  1. BITCOIN PENGUIN – This is the most advanced website dealing with litecoins.
  2. CASINO OF MBIT – It has a 24×7 support for litecoins and there are dealers on the platform to buy them.
  3. CRYPTO-GAMES – This game is played in the browser and is the famous game featuring Litecoins.
  4. BITCOINCASINO US – Anyone from any part of the world can register and it is a really fair game which can be determined easily. It has the best casino games.
  5. FORTUNEJACK – You can easily spin, bet and win in LTC currency.
  6. BITSTARZ – The best litecoin casino games available in the market.

Now let’s consider which the best website to play minesweeper game is:

CRYPTOGAMES – You can win fee litecoins if you are able to pass in the minesweeper game without errors.

We will consider now which dice games based on litecoins is better to play and you will enjoy:

  1. CRYPTO-GAMES – They only charge 0.8% of the house edge and therefore they are really the best in this business.
  2. LUCKY-GAMES – IN this website the game is really simple. You only have to choose a number between 1 to 99 and how you would like to roll the dice which is under or over and that is what you have to do.
  3. 999DICE – This website has only % of the house edge with the feature of auto-bet as well as selecting the range.
  4. FORTUNEJACK – Winning LTC currency is really easy and you can spin and win and also there is a lottery feature too.

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